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WHAT ? FREE UFO/ALIEN DOCUMENTARY FILM AND DISCUSSION GROUP.  WHO ? Meeting led by Dr. Patricia McGill, Psychologist, lecturer, Hypnotherapist, Ufologist. Founder of a non- profit called Uforiec Research Foundation. Check out her web site at She will show a informative, factual documentary and then have open, STIMULATING discussion afterwards. New topics ea. mo. WHERE […]

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Is this for real? Broadcast interrupted in UK

Back in 1977, several broadcasts in the UK were interrupted by what some believe were messages from extraterrestials.  Now we cannot accept blindly that these messages were not fakes, and we are asking anyone who accessed this site this question.  Do you know, or are you aware, if there was any type of technology in 1977 that might […]

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Unusual crop circle and message from extraterrestials

Crop circles have appeared for centuries in different countries.  Many people claim they are created by humans using rope and a plank of wood, but others point out that the design can only be viewed from the air, and it is impossible to create on the ground such precise designs. This particular circle appeared in England in August of […]

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What Role Will Extraterrestrials Play In Humanity’s Future? — Other Possible Advantages

We cannot at present be certain about the particular capacities of highly advanced civilizations in the Galaxy.  We can, however, make some thoughtful guesses based on established human knowledge (such as history and futures studies) combined with intelligent speculation. Our own progress in several areas of life has been very dramatic over the past 10,000 […]

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Sad Conclusions

As much as I want to be optimistic, I find little hope for our future. In a way, I wish I could be like the positives, existing in a naive but happy dreamland, awaiting the coming of the benevolent ones who will surround us all in love, care, and protection. The positives’ beliefs, shrouded in […]

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Different Reptilian Factions On Earth

Here is an interesting excerpt from Courtney Brown’s book “Cosmic Explorers“ concerning the Reptilian Agenda, and talks about the concept of remote viewing. Courtney Brown was once a `psychic spy` who worked for the US government, able to see things remotely, even in other parts of the world. This skill is known as remote viewing, […]

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