Dr. Patricia McGill


Dr. Patricia McGill holds a PhD in Counseling Psychology and a DH the in Hypnotherapy. Dr. McGill was five yrs. old when she first witnessed two UFOs.  She is still as curious now as she was back then. Dr. McGill is now a full-time Ufologist.

Over the course of 20 years of investigation into UFOs and USOs including Dr. McGill’s very own field search of photographic evidence and meticulous compiled case studies, she still strive to provide fascinating new insights into the paranormal phenomena.  These include:

  • A take on several detailed research projects
  • Adding on more groups just for abductees
  • Hypnotizing each experiencer who wants to be regressed.

Notes will be taken and comparisons will be made and revealed. Maybe by this method, we can tell which group of aliens are abducting humans and why. It appears to run in families. There are genetic markers that are often inserted from reported encounters with grays.

What of the similarities will turn up? Dr. McGill believes she can find all of the best scientific theories surrounding UFOs and USOs, underwater alien bases, the underground DUMBS and involvement in the US government bases.

Why do the factions of our government and NASA go to such great lengths to maintain the biggest cover up in history?

Dr. McGill wants to interview and collect the opinions of as many professionals as possible that will respond to our UFOriec survey. The survey will ask the intriguing question how will we handle first contact and realization of the massive DNA manipulation from our historical ancestors and the new breeding program. Can we handle not being the top IQ on earth? Are aliens assimilating into the population for the purpose of eventual conquest?

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