Possible Extraterrestrial Motives for Visiting Earth

>Possible Extraterrestrial Motives for Visiting Earth
by Patricia McGill
I was asked to do a chapter in an old friend’s book on this topic in the eighties. I added bits of information about UFO’s and ET Movies, but for the most part it reflects my understanding (or lack of it) at that time period. You’ll see what I mean when you get to the end. We will most likely be replaced as the top of the BRAIN CHAIN..especially if you believe the Blue Planet Proj.
(see research project #1)

Ever since Kenneth Arnold first saw a formation of brightly colored, crescent-shaped craft flying near Mount Ranier over 70 years ago, the question of what extraterrestrials want from us has haunted mankind. Are they here to conquer us in an effort to colonize Earth and turn us into slave labor, food source, or worse, exterminate us so they might have the Earth’s rich resources to themselves.

Perhaps they need water, minerals, gold or some other source materials which they can get here. Since so many of the crafts are seen hovering and possible tapping into and perhaps draining power plants, the Northern Lights and water towers, lakes, oceans and earth itself may be a bigger target. Some claim that the sun is being tapped for energy.

How would you react to an “end game” so vividly portrayed in movies like Independence Day and War of the World’s? Or, are they instead benevolent and intent on keeping us from destroying ourselves – as was the scene of the 1951 classic the Day the Earth to stood still? Or, instead, are they looking for an opportunity to reveal themselves, and in doing so, usher in a new era of cosmic peace and understanding, as in Close Encounters of the Third Kind or, for that matter, do they simply wish to observe us with the same dispassionate indifference we might exhibit towards black bears in the process of building their dens? We tag and release fish and fowl etc.. We don’t set out to hurt them or frighten these critters, it is just a part of our research. We would warn away hunters, in a protective way, until our study was over. How they treat humans now, is a clue as to our worth to them, in the future (see research Project #3)!

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