Dr. Patricia McGill will be offering a workshop to be held over one month period starting Saturday, January 5th to 26th 2018 from 1:00 pm-3:00 pm. Cost is only $150.00 and includes four fear destroying hypnosis programs, two affirmation sessions with subliminal music. Meditations in addition to small group talk therapy. It is a integrated program using the best modern psychotherapy as well as universal laws and spiritual principles. You will have eight hrs. of friendship and sharing, while giving you life long skills to handle your fears in a non- judgmental environment. You will be able to move ahead in using the various coping skills in all areas of your life. Have fun and feed your mind at the same time!  Please leave me a message on this site, for details and reservations.

Freedom, by Dr. McGill

“Come to the end of the branch,”
“No we are to afraid we can’t do it! ”
“Come to the end.”
“We can’t, we will fall!”
“Come to the end now!”
and they came.
I pushed them.
and they flew!

Come let us fly together! It will give us all freedom and super confidence!

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