Can post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and Phobias be the result of one or more alien abductions?

The answer is YES it could.

Picture this. You feel fearful and on edge. Nightmares keep coming back. Sudden noises make you jump. Operating rooms or even a dentists drill can too. You’re staying at home more and more. Could you have post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)? How many of the symptoms did you relate to? Are you paranoid and you are not totally sure why?


If you have experienced severe trauma or a perceived life-threatening event — whether during a time of war or in another situation, what is commonly known as PTSD. It’s happening all over. While in the midst of one or more ET. abductions you may have witnessed yourself or other people being forcably kidnapped, examined, operated upon. You may have experienced physical and emotional harm yourself. Severe anxiety, panic and the fight or flight response, can set up the subconscious mind to see yourself in the role of helpless victim. Please read the following and circle the ones that apply and any clarifications it will help me research this matter in more depth. Some of the most common symptoms of PTSD include: recurring memories or nightmares of the event, sleeplessness, loss of interest, and feelings of numbness, anger or irritability, or being constantly on guard, but there are many ways PTSD can impact your everyday life. Sometimes these symptoms remain troublesome, yet vague, and the original fear based event. These memories are hard to dredge up . There may be triggers that send you into negative thoughts and emotions that you are not fully aware. They may also come and go. If these problems persist or they’re disrupting your daily life, you may have PTSD. and they don’t always fade over time. Sometimes a sudden, unexpected bright light will send you into having ” flash backs “. Some factors can increase the likelihood of a traumatic event leading into PTSD, and even phobias such as:

1. The intensity of the trauma …WHAT DID YOU FEEL?

2. Kidnapping…WERE YOU PARALYZED ?

3. Having fetuses removed… THAT WERE HYBRIDS OR HUMAN?

4. Being implanted…WITH AN DEVICE OR EMBRYO ?

5. Being emotionally, physically or mentally hurt and feeling that you could be again.

6. Being physically close to the traumatic event ie. feeling that you are being used for
invasive breeding program by ET.

7. Feeling you were not in control ie. everything was done against your will

8. Having a lack of support after the event …YOUR SPOUSE DOESN’T BELIEVE YOU.

9. Facing ridicule…PEOPLE THINK YOU ARE NUTS


11. Having trouble with relationship, friends and family, boss.

12. Feeling upset by things that remind you of what happened

13. Having nightmares, vivid memories, or flashbacks of the event that make you feel like it’s happening all over again. I have a secret way for you to see what happened, but not experience it. I call it my “double disassociation and triple protection method.”

14. Feeling emotionally cut off from others

15. Feeling numb or losing interest in things you used to care about

16. Feeling constantly on guard, hyper sensitivity

17. Feeling irritated or having angry outbursts especially true with Vets.

18. Having difficulty sleeping. Being worried most of the time.

19. Having trouble concentrating. Doubt your sanity at times.

20. Being jumpy or easily startled. Hit the ground if a car backfires..especially true for vets.

21. Related Information coming from movies or books. You can relive an abduction by seeing another go through it. It’s not just the symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder but also how you may react to them that can disrupt your life. I can teach you new ways of coping with:

22. Frequently avoid places or things that remind you of what happened

23. Consistently drink or use drugs to numb your feelings

24. Consider harming yourself or others…guilt or rage times

25. Start working all the time to occupy your mind, ignoring pals and family.

26. Pull away from other people and become isolated. Who can you trust?

What are the treatments for post traumatic stress disorder?

If you show signs of PTSD, you don’t just have to live with it. In recent years, researchers have dramatically increased our understanding of what causes PTSD and how to treat it. I have been keeping up with all the latest trends and I’ve combined these with spiritual modalities that we are recently discovering. You have 3 options.

Two traditional types of treatment have been shown to be somewhat effective for treating PTSD: counseling and medication. Professional therapy or counseling can help you understand your thoughts and reactions and help you learn techniques to cope with challenging situations. Research has shown several specific types of counseling to be very effective for treating PTSD. Medications can also be used to help reduce tension or irritability or to improve sleep. The class of medications most commonly used for PTSD is called “selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors,” but a doctor can work with you to figure out which medication works best for you. This can be inconvenient, time consuming, addictive and costly.

I tried to overcome these limitations by creating a new, safe, EASY and innovative approach to treatment by which the patient never has to leave his or her bed and does NOT have to spend up to $500.00 an hour for visits to a shrink. .. For now, my program is free. YES, it is free. Read the post on this site which I call PAIN 2 POWER. If you know someone who has suffered with PTSD due to war, injury, accidents, child abuse, rape, kidnapping etc. be a pal by telling them about my site. Even less stressful events can cause PTSD; such as a bitter divorce or betrayal, business failures etc., can beneifit from my personalized regressive self hypnosis program. Here are 4 of several reports from test subjects.

“In the CD therapy I learned how to respond differently to the thoughts that used to get stuck in my head. Thirty nights of using this program is not a hardship. I totally enjoyed it and could tell it was working.” Pam Turner..Dayton Ohio

“In just a short one month program, these nightly treatments really produced positive and meaningful changes in my symptoms and quality of life. They have helped me understand and change how I think about my trauma and how to react to stressful memories. I feel so much more happy and confident than even before my abduction. Dr. McGill knows her stuff and is 100% right that by changing your mind you truly can change your life in many positive ways.” Kay Hadley, Miami Beach

“Before. I had tried traditional therapy for months with little improvement. Now, I am more confident and feel powerful again . I am a new man…..Thanks to Tricia!” Ken White, San Diego, Ca.

One Viet Nam Vet comments:

“I wanted to keep the war away from my family, but I brought the war with me every time I opened the door. It now helps to talk with them about how I feel. I can do that freely now after my Pain 2 Power CD Program made me understand that my fears were driving my loved ones away from me. Once I completed the 30 days and had hrs. of intensive talk therapy with Dr. M. I feel like I should be helping other Vets get on board with this. After just one month of following the program, I feel ready to join and contribute to humanity again.” Nate Long..Seattle Wa.

What else can I do if I know that I have post traumatic stress disorder?

In addition to getting your” Pain 2 Power” CD treatment, you can adjust your lifestyle to help relieve PTSD symptoms. For example, talking with other experiencers and abductees who have experienced trauma can help you connect with and trust others; exercising can help reduce physical tension; and volunteering can help you reconnect with your community. You also can let your friends and family know when certain places or activities make you uncomfortable. EX. Avoid fireworks if a veteran has been in firefights. Avoid movies that show it :remember this as well.

Your close friends and family will be the first to notice that you’re having a tough time. Turn to them when you are ready to talk. It can be helpful to share what you’re experiencing, and they may be able to provide support and help you find out about my program. ” Pain 2 Power”. It works for everyone that has used it so far. It can be anything from a minor issue or a huge one, if it is having a negative impact on your life you will need to treat it. If left untreated these negative thoughts and emotions may likely become a Bad Habit that becomes your new reality. The good news is, that even ingrained, Bad Habits can be elimated and new, positive ones put into your subconscious mind. That is your new and happier reality. Can you handle it?

I need your help with my on going research please!

I am always trying to provide the best program I can. You can help this by providing answers to the questions above. Just by circling the areas that apply to you and sending your answers to… marked PTSD. Please be a part of my on going research. Also, you will be furthering my understanding of your UNIQUE & particular situation and I can create affirmations that personalize your PAIN 2 POWER Program…. if you take this opportunity asap. I have 3 left as of 6-7-18.

Thank you for letting me share these insights with you, and thanks for taking my survey and sending in your responses.
Dr. McGill

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