I challenge you to change towards fourth density, can you do it? (Share with everyone!)







Greetings fellow truth-seekers.

Some researchers have used channeled messages from the good ET’s and Interdimensional Beings to setup communications with them, our space brothers. ET’s might be seen as our planets galactic guardians. This comes up from abductees, psychics, crop circles and writing on space craft such as the one in Rendlesham Forrest in 1980. That message read in part, (continuous monitoring of planet earth to help with humanity’s advancement) we maybe seen as a growing cancer on our own planet. Some believe that our planet ie.(Giah) is a living entity who is losing her patience with her irresponsible, greedy “kids”. With ever growing technology comes more polluting ex: millions of plastic items alone choking waterways and killing animal, plant and marine life. (Some channelers report that ET’s know how to change that and other environmental dangers.) But, as in free energy, they won’t do it for us, as it is our job, but they can guide us. If the “elitist” ie. power brokers would ever think of the national/Global good instead of their profit margins, we would have had it back in Tesla’s day. (He claimed to have inspirational visions provided by ETs and spiritual beings.)

The ozone layer is disappearing and radiation is a problem causing global warming. We also, can’t forget the dangerous nuclear weapons on earth and in space. One human trait is also a big concern to them, it is our lack of respect for each other and our war like tendencies.  Women and children are still abused and seen as slaves by many cultures, and have no rights. Progress is slow, but there are some advancements noted.  Women can now drive a car in the same cultures that kept them suppressed for thousands of years.  My sincere hope is that this, (hard won) yet first step, will lead to more human rights advancements world wide.  I am pleased to see more women elected to political office. We must, show that we set a good example, and show positive energy as a country, as well as individuals. Channelers and contactees report that the positive ETs prefer to work with individuals as opposed to landing on the W.H. lawn, to avoid chaos and riots. Dr. Steven Greer is having some success with small grps. The aliens are going slowly to avoid the panic they know to expect from many uninformed humans. (Our politics provide too much of that). We must rid ourselves of our fears and all negativity.  Dig into your fears and rid yourself of the behaviors and thoughts that limit and stand in the way of your own sacred evolvement into the 4th and higher dimensions and frequencies.  This is our destiny…but a choice as well. WHAT WILL YOU CHOSE?

Thus ET’s can be seen as mentors or evil depending on the viewer’s level of spirituality. If you feel that the world and universe is a terrible, hostile environment of lack and limitation, that wars are our only recourse, then that is what you will find when the good ET’s arrive. Universal law #7  from THE SECRET. Be careful of your thoughts We need a willingness to love, care and show unity to ourselves and others, and as we can do this as individuals, we move into the 4-5th dimension. To do that, WE NEED TO START WORKING ON OURSELVES NOW! I am able and willing to help with that through counseling which is included in all 100 hypnosis scripts. I have added several new guided visualizations as well such as “enjoy a safe (Near Death Experience) NDE (no pain or fear).” “Learn to astral project and see and converse with deceased relatives, learn about your mission in this incarnation, access your akashic records.”  These are just a few of the mystical/metaphysical, PAIN 2 POWER PROGRAMS that are being created  for you. All programs are tax deductible. We do create our reality with our minds. So, I challenge you now to begin your journey from 3rd density and progress to 4th as soon as possible. Your Life review will be transformed as well. So, wouldn’t you want to be on a higher plane in the Afterlife? Gravitate towards that now, on the Earth plane, towards that time of transition and be much happier on your journey. Practice the Golden rule through out this lifetime and set a  great example for others.

I am looking for volunteers that may lead to a paid position as a research assistant. Having any psychic abilities is a HUGE plus. Living in Vegas is a plus as well, but not required.  Having ET contact? (Out of Body Experience) OBE? (Near Death Experience) NDE? (After Death Communication) ADC?…And you have the most exciting, enlightening, stimulating job anyone could hope to have, as well as a friend. Please leave me a message with your contact info. at ufotrish@gmail.com or this site on the comment section.

May we all share in the love and enlightened life,

Dr. Patricia “Trish” McGill   UFOriec.org  founder…..( live as if it really counts…. cause it does!)

PS some ancient sage said something like ..Blessed is the man who has an NDE BEFORE he dies, so that his passing will be with out fear and he will go to a higher plane WHEN he does pass.

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