OBEs and NDEs you can have one too. 100% safe!

All the thrills with no chills…100% safe. I want to help eliminate the fear of death by explaining what to expect from the typical NDE. (near death experience). According to NDE researchers from all areas of the world, the NDE is reported as a wonderful, positive, enlightening experience. Knowledge reduces or eliminates fear of the unknown. So, to that end, I am working on a imagined, guided, visual meditation/hypnosis PAIN2 POWER program that will take you on a very realistic, TRAUMA AND PAIN FREE, safe, transformative and joyous journey starting with an OBE and moving through the various stages to the end.   This is where you are told that you had not yet completed your mission on earth and need to return to do so. Sometimes you are told that it is not your time yet. In some rare cases the person is given a choice to stay in Heaven or return to their previous lives.  Most do not want to leave this place of support and unconditional love. Here are some of the scenes, stages and events you will notice on your highly advanced spiritual journey.  Skeptics have tried to explain away and devalue the millions of NDE rs fantastic stories with no real success.

1.Crystal-Clear Consciousness. The level of consciousness and alertness during near-death experiences (NDEs) is usually even greater than that experienced in everyday life even though NDEs generally occur when a person is unconscious or clinically dead. This high level of consciousness while physically unconscious is medically inexplicable. Additionally, the elements in NDEs generally follow the same consistent and logical order in all age groups and around the world, which refutes the possibility that NDEs have any relation to dreams or hallucinations.

2. Amazing Out-of-Body Experiences: Out-of-body experiences (OBEs) are one of the most common elements of NDEs. What NDErs see and hear of earthly events in the out-of-body state is always realistic. When the NDEr or others later seek to verify what was observed or heard during the NDE, the OBE observations are almost always confirmed as completely accurate. Even if the OBE observations during the NDE included events far from the physical body, and far from any possible sensory awareness of the NDEr, the OBE observations are still almost always confirmed as completely accurate. This fact alone rules out the possibility that near-death experiences are related to any known brain functioning or sensory awareness. This also refutes the possibility that NDEs are unrealistic fragments of memory from the brain.

3. Heightened Senses. Not only are heightened senses reported by most who have experienced NDEs, normal or supernormal vision has occurred in those with significantly impaired vision, and even legal blindness. Several people who have been totally blind since birth have reported highly visual near-death experiences. This is medically inexplicable.

4. Consciousness During Anesthesia. Many NDEs occur while under general anesthesia- at a time when any conscious experience should be impossible. While some skeptics claim that these NDEs may be the result of too little anesthesia, this ignores the fact that some NDEs result from anesthesia overdose. Additionally, the description of a NDE differs greatly from that of one who experiences “anesthetic awareness.” The content of NDEs that occur under general anesthesia is essentially indistinguishable from NDEs that did not occur under general anesthesia. This is further strong evidence that NDEs are occurring completely independently from the functioning of the physical brain.

5. Perfect Playback. Life reviews in near-death experiences include real events that previously took place in the lives of those having the experience, even if the events were forgotten or happened before they were old enough to remember.

6. Family Reunions. During a NDE, the people encountered are virtually always deceased, and are usually relatives of the person having the experience- sometimes they are even relatives who died before the NDEr was born. Were the NDE only a product of memory fragments, they would almost certainly include far more living people, including those with whom they had more recently interacted.

7. Children’s Experiences. The near-death experiences of children, including very young children who are too young to have developed concepts of death, religion, or near-death experiences, are essentially identical to those of older children and adults. This refutes the possibility that the content of NDEs is produced by preexisting beliefs or cultural conditioning.

8. Worldwide Consistency. Near-death experiences appear remarkably consistent around the world, and across many different religions and cultures. NDEs from non-Western countries are incredibly similar to those that occur in people in Western countries.

9. Aftereffects. It is common for people to experience major life changes after having near-death experiences. These aftereffects are often powerful, lasting, life-enhancing, and the changes generally follow a consistent pattern. As the NDErs themselves always believe- near-death experiences are, in a word, real.

10. The NDE meditation CD will also include a subliminal “double affirmation” personalized music program and one 30 minute phone conference with me before you use and one 20 min. call after you use it.  I will use this first time to customize your perfectly worded simulated NDE that is tailor made to suit your specific needs. Use the CD as often as you like and when you are completely done we will arrange another 20 min. call to answer any

Please share whatever insights, lessons or enlightening messages you came back with from this once rare journey into what happens after physical death. “trust, believe and achieve.” You may want to talk to a special person while in Heaven and I will tell you how to do this using psychometry etc. when you and I talk. Naturally, this is untried for now, but the best time to have a ADC is when you are in a theta state. The music will most always send you there as long as you are free of all fear and this CD will be 100% safe. No need for the near death “moment” of fear, trauma or pain. There is no illness or injury….I guarantee it!  Read the informative booklet, before using your NDE CD as it will remove whatever doubts you may still have. Your life’s mission may become clear, your LIFE REVIEW WILL BE SEEN BY YOU ONLY… WITH NO JUDGEMENT. You can delay this part of your PAIN2POWER -NDE until you feel ready for that phase of LEARNING from your current life. You will lose your fear of DEATH and grief will forever be lessened or eliminated because you have had a joyful reunion with your deceased loved ones. You get that second chance to say “I love you and goodbye for now.”  They are young and healthy and thrilled to see you.  You may meet babies and children who died too young. They have grown up in Heaven, watched over by special angels.  You know that they are so much happier in Heaven than on this sad and painful earth plane. They are free and happy. No suffering that a stressful, long illness entails. NO pain or fear that a severe car wreck causes. Many NDEers are met by favorite animals. They may have been forgotten by you, after many years, but they have been waiting to see you again. I am happy to announce, after weeks of work, that I have AGAIN created a unique Hypnosis Script that will provide all the very positive aspects of an NDE with no need for what a real time one most often has as the catalysts of illness, injury, accident, fear and trauma.

The price for this Brand New, innovative program is only $79.00 with a $9.00 shipping and handling fee..It is a tax deduction for you. I chose to sell my self improvement CDs and put 100% of my energy, knowledge and my skill sets to work for you. It is a labor of love and I feel that humanity must learn to evolve for there is a huge shift in consciousness coming soon, which will proceed or follow disclosure. I don’t believe you can find this anywhere else. It comes with all the bonus products and info. that are described in the other scripts ex. releasing Fear and Grudges. All purchases help both of us. After doing this work for decades, the new tax law is forcing me to sell (SOMETHING) to the public or I could lose my status as an educational, public non-profit. My mission has and is this UFORIEC RESEARCH FOUNDATION. I TRULY BELIEVE IT IS WHY MY LIFE HAS BEEN SPARED THREE DIFFERENT TIMES. Maybe,  I’ll write a blog about it, when I have the time.  We will all be Cosmic citizens someday, but we have to get rid of our negativity, and petty behaviors first. I can help you prepare and we can spread this realization to include others. Instead of being war-like, selfish and greedy, we should be showing the world and the universe, the true meaning of why we are here..and that is LOVE! Start with yourself.

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