Hi, again my friends… Please join me in another THOUGHT PROVOLKING Research Project

I know there are some elements connecting ET.s, Ufology and Spirituality and I hope to identify all that I can, from volunteers that have had these experiences. Therefore, if you have had a NDE (near death experience) or OBE (out of body experience) or ADC (after death experience), or remote viewed, channeled an ET, or have ESP, I really would appreciate hearing from you about your experiences. All of these events, support the truth that we have as Humans basically two distinct, yet intergrated, bodies. Obviously, we have a physical body which is subject to injury, illness, old age and eventually death. This body correlates most closely with the conscious mind. We have another part of our “Beingness” which has an astral body and most closely relates to the deeper mind levels as found in the subconscious, and that of the Divine link, which is referred to as the soul by many. This soul permeates the body and is seen as an aura in various colors by some, surrounding the body. The soul is eternal and cannot be hurt or destroyed.  The soul resides in a dimension often called Heaven, after physical death and before your next reincarnation.  After the life review, where we judge ourselves as to whether we accomplished the goals we set up for ourselves prior to our last lifetime, we can learn. We are able to meet with our fellow soul group members and plan our individual as well as overlapping and shared events, circumstances and life’s obstacles which can be as real challenges or as we hope, opportunities to learn from. To overcome, conquer and win.  During my Pain 2 Power Hypnosis, a few clients were able to see (under deep hypnosis) that they actually volunteered before this incarnation to help another species of ET ‘s (grays mostly with some other ET assistance from Reptilians Nordics and the tall Insectoids mainly). Why in the world would we do such a crazy thing as to volunteer to help these scary, ugly creeps who kidnap us, perform invasive medical procedures, implants and worst of all harvest our eggs and sperm ( a form of rape as MOST perceive it )???? All of the foregoing is my own firm opinion. However, there is one fact that I can 99.9% swear to. THE GRAYS ARE CREATING A NEW SPECIES, HYBRIDS; A RACE OF BEINGS THAT IS A MIX OF HUMAN DNA AND THEIR OWN. PERHAPS THEIR OWN SPECIES IS DYING OUT AND THEY HAVE LOST NEEDED TRAITS THAT THEY ONCE HAD, BUT HAVE NOW LOST THROUGH THE EONS.  They might have appealed to the Galactic Federation to get permission to use us to get certain qualities they desperately need. I am confident that President, Ike Eisenhower traded some of us for advanced technology. More on that later. I digress from the point of this research project.  So, what do I feel they need from us? From my research, reading and observations of hypnotized contactees, experiencers and abductees, they seem to want our bodies. Picture them, and now think of young, strong adult humans.  We ourselves are hybrids, and evolved (with help) to be suited to this environment with all its flaws, germs, weather hazards, gravity etc. Humans are stronger, larger, quicker, more agile and most importantly, we can have passion and reproduce naturally. They desire these traits and very importantly, the ability to think for themselves.  Their Hive Minds must seem boring compared to what individual creativeness and emotions we enjoy. There are many different species of aliens and, as such, we don’t know really know that much about them. For this study, I will limit myself to the tall grays and their smaller biological robots as seen in the movies. From my hypnosis sessions with abductees, these tall grays seem to be engaged in creating the hybrids that are appearing on the Earth. Some maybe on their ships or another planet. Some have been planted on the earth. They seem to want our SEX too. They want to be able to reproduce, with the help of their hybrids and to give them the emotional and physical qualities that attract human mates. This intrusion into our planet may be a matter of survival for them. Abductees may have been chosen to this end. They may have been asked and volunteered to help prior to this reincarnation. They may have lived on their home planet in a distant life. In addition to learning about our Human Reproduction and Emotions they also seem to want to understand our psychic, ESP and Spirituality. This brings me to this particular research project, several abductees asked about GOD. The exact telepathic reply from the tall Gray was, “we are all one with the one who is all!” One NDE.er asked and was told that each universe had it’s own GOD and Heaven.  This place where we all go to after death has been described as a state of mind, rather than a physical place.  What do you think and why? Do we get what we expect? Are there rules and order in Heaven? Also, within this mental Heaven is a separate place for all animals that we loved in this last life. This often comes as a shock to the recent arrivals in this After Life, as they had not even thought about the childhood pet in many years. This suggests that not everything or anyone we wish to see, responds to our desires. These reunions are as joyous as seeing your grandparents back in their twenties and healthy. The dog that was hit by a truck when you were six is healthy and has seemingly been waiting for you for years.   Some feel that Heaven is at another dimension higher than our third, heavy world. An  inter-dimensional realm.  Separate REMOTE Viewers have described Heaven and drawn identical pictures of it. Do you feel that all or some ETs have a seperate Heaven and a soul whether they are part of the reincarnation cycle. Do they all have souls? Are there rules of non interference that have been handed down by God/Source or the Galactic Federation? Do we still have free will? Do they? Are certain races in league with our Shadow Government? Mediums, psychics, remote viewers, and channelers who connect with these alien beings can get the answers to a list of questions which have been prepared by me.  Many such gifted people could have their completed/answered surveys compared and results published here.



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