Perhaps the final frontier isn’t so far out of reach. Astronomers recently found an exo planet reminiscent of the planet Vulcan from one or my old favorite TV series”STAR TREK”. Many of the technologies we saw on this program are currently existing in vaults controlled by the Secret Government. The helpful ET’s would like we humans to force that government (cabal) to release their technology to the whole world. To evolve is to have all those technologies available to everyone. Disclosure will force the Cabal to release everything they have keep from us for seventy plus years.


What is the most common fear everyone has? According to my research, it is the fear of death. I am in the process of creating an simulated, but realistic hypnosis script, including OBE (Out of Body Experience) and the NDE (Near Death Experience) complete with a past life review and a homecoming party with loved ones and friends. This will be done using GUIDED VISUALIZATIONS, Hypnosis and subliminal affirmations. For your review, PLEASE check out the blog entitled the PAIN 2 POWER booklet on this site. Have you ever wondered how the Conscious, Subconscious, and Unconscious Mind work–How does it all fit together? Please checkout the instruction booklet on this website. The Pain 2 Power hypnosis program will be available to the public after New Years. I have been studying the NDE. phenomena for 28 yrs. and worked for the world famous Dr. Raymond Moody, who first coined the term in 1972. I co-created with Dr. Jeff Long these popular web sites, NDE RESEARCH FOUNDATION and the others in 1995. Most all of the people who reported having this event, 99%, reported a very very positive experience which changed their lives for dramatically, for the better. No need to suffer any fear, pain, dread uncertainty, or trauma. Learn that we are all eternal, loving, Spiritually advanced beings with missions to complete on the Earth. There is no death. The human body is like an old coat that has been tossed out. In heaven you will be whatever age and healthy, happy state that you wish. Many call this dimension “HOME” and know that they will come back when it is their time. What a wonderful gift to give a person who is questioning their own mortality. LOVE AND PEACE OF MIND IS INVALUABLE to the elder or sick souls in our lives and community. To everyone really. You may even learn your mission for this current life.
You can control the event that started your joyous journey to the other side of life, if you wish. From there, I will follow all the most common features of an OBE. and NDE.
Not only will you lose all fear of death, but you will change all your paradigms about the AFTER LIFE, what we do and see and learn. How we plan with our soul group our next incarnation and the roles we choose to experience.
If you have had an NDE., like I have had, I would love to hear from you.
More to come later on this topic.


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