“PAIN 2 POWER”: REGRESSIVE SELF HYPNOSIS CD PROGRAM. IT’S FREE FOR YOU and (11 other motivated truth seekers)

Thank you for checking out my website. Since I have received many requests for regressive hypnosis sessions during my 30 yrs. of being a psychologist, hypnotherapist and UFOLOGIST.” I am researching and creating new, innovative ways to bring you a specific topic of possible extraterrestrial abductions and related incidents. EX: missing fetuses, implants, recurring nightmares, amnesia, invasive medical tests, scars, insomnia and anything related to a PTSD, ET, and UFO’s”.

Betty and Barney Hill Example You May Relate To:

The Betty and Barney Hill abduction case would never have come to be the “milestone of abductions” as it is now, if they had not hired an “open minded” hypnotherapist Dr. Ben Simon. They were finally forced to see him due to much mental, physical and emotional suffering (ie.PTSD). Sadly, after 2+ yrs. of mental and emotional anxiety following their abductions, they finally decided that they HAD to risk disbelief and ridicule to get some relief . (You, my friend, do not need to wait!) After many expensive double sessions they stayed married, returned to work and became happy, positive productive people once again. There are books on their story. I may include a more detailed version soon on this site, time permitting.

Free Positive REGRESSIVE Programming CD

Therefore, I want to provide a chance to dramatically change your life for the better. The first 12 visitors who are interested in receiving this FREE unique, powerful, regressive self hypnosis CD should contact me through this my (501 c-3 nonprofit website). With this original, progressive program, which you are to play each night for 30 days, you will begin your journey to a calm, joyful life.
I will include one 20-30 minute call to you before the start of your “Pain 2 Power” CD (to personalize it) with the info. you provide. Although the CD is originally intended for Abductees, any trauma can be eliminated with this method. You will also get one 10-20 minute call in the middle ie. approx. 2 wks. and one 20 minute call at the end. You and I will set up a phone appointment at your convenience. You can also leave me 4-5 brief messages on this site as needed. It will only take you 30 days of serious, dedicated sequential use of your program to see LIFE CHANGING results. You do have the ability to continue the use anytime, and even share with a trusted relative who may also suffer with similar nightmares, phobias, panic attacks, PTSD, or any type of negativity which they want to replace and reprogram. You know that most, if not all abductions run in families. ET’s may select those that are chosen for their DNA, blood types etc.

Positive Suggestions Will Improve Your Life

Program your mind for positive results and success. Try them to see for yourself. I wrote the CD script to include dozens of other positive suggestions which apply to nearly everyone.
1. I am calm and relaxed.
2. I AM ready to release all stressful negativity in my life.
3. I love myself.
4. I will release ea. unwanted memory and replace it with new, better affirmation, (self talk) insuring A
5. HAPPY and successful Life.
6. I will release the bad memories and incidents and expand my consciousness to include a love of self, others, our planet, animals, and positive space brothers with appreciation.
7. I send caring, loving thoughts into the universe.
8. I forgive myself and all others of any mistakes from my past.
9. I have my higer self/spirit guides / guardian angels that love and protect me always. I have learned the knowledge to call on them.
10. Today is the fist day of my enlightenment. Life is good.
11. I will be living by the GOLDEN RULE and be the change I wish to see in others.
12. I focus on my blessings and stay positive.
13. I trust my Higher self will provide insights to all decisions.
14. My spirit guides are wise and protective of me at all times, yet want me to solve my own issues first.
15. I feel confident that I am solving all past and future issues.
16. I am strong and remove fear. I reject any form of fear in my life.
17. I am smart and in control always.
18. I am happy, healthy and stress free.
19. I can access this relaxed, stress free mood at any time using my

NEW mental powers.(These will be revealed in your free book)

These are a few samples. Many more Positive affirmations are included in my free Book about Hypnosis and my customized affirmation reminders to be placed around your environment. Each time you read and repeat the reminders, you reinforce your intent and goals.

Techniques and tips for Abductees

“Pain 2 Power” is a short book and It comes with your free package. I have also creatived a subliminal CD which allows you the option of going further into your remembered abduction(s) or other traumatic events while being fully protected from anxiety. Positive affirmations are created to personalize this CD just for you. Your subconscious absorbs what it needs, while your conscious usually hears only the relaxing sounds of soothing music masking the powerful subliminal suggestions beneath. Your INSOMNIA and PTSD won’t have a chance of coming back after regular CD use. So, control your thoughts and control your life, here is your chance! Take control now!

Customize Your Auto Suggestions

If you have any objection to any of the hypnosis affirmations, let me know before I record your session. Likewise, if you want customized affirmations to fit your life situation, these can be added. Your program is customized for you. No two will likely be the same. Please tell all your friends, family and any victims of PTSD. EX. War pal, assault, rape, etc. about my website. Also, please donate just $12.00 for shipping and handling. Consider help for this sight by typing up a brief report of how your “30 day/night” ‘Pain 2 Power” sessions CD have affected you. Your stories are most welcome, but optional. I would like to post several of the most unusual accounts. They will be published on this sight, with your written approval. I will respect your privacy and never use your real name or ID., private info. Exception; YOU prefer/request that I do so. Others may benifit from your bravery and willingness to change. Feel free to pass this info. along on your own social media and UFO groups if and when you feel fully relaxed and comfortable. Act soon and remember, You can empower yourself using the most safe, fast, natural, effective and powerful tool in the universe….your mind! Your subconscious recalls everything and HYPNOSIS IS THE TOOL THAT MAKES IT POSSIBLE! and YOU can have it NOW! Once the upsetting event is explored, in the saftey of a special “movie theater” with your guides, you can replace it with positive affirmations. You will be able to reprogram your subconscious, using a pleasant POST-hypnotic suggestion regarding your specific issue/ phobia. We will co-create it while talking on the phone before you start. This post-hypnotic suggest will be woven thoughout your second personalized music subliminal CD program.
Thank you for taking the time to read this to the end and pass it along to others. I will begin charging for this service sometime in 2019 and it will not be FREE for long. This innovative CD COULD EASILY COMMAND $500 to $1,000 and you never have to leave the privacy, safety and comfort of your own bed. How cool is that?
Please Email me at —- or this website,
My own, personal mantra, affirmation is “Always help light the way for others. Don’t think of it as your WORK or even your obligation, but as your Mission and Privilege”.

P.S. I want to thank all 12 of my new friends, for your participation in the Pain 2 Power Regressive, Hypnosis Program.  I am gratified that you have shown the willingness and courage to examine the Fear generating events from your past which were blocking your fullness and joy in life.  You took the challenge to discover and to overcome your fears.  Congratulations!!  Thanks to the IRS, I have been told that I must generate money in order to maintain my non-profit status —go figure?  So future hypnosis programs will be available to you at these rates.  For the hypnosis program and the booklet explaining and the 45 minute professional counseling session is $49.99 and Shipping and Handling is $11.99( within the US).  See discount offers under NEW RESEARCH CONCLUSIONS and money saving offer on this website.

Thanks again, In the light of love,
Patricia McGill Ph.D.

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