Sad Conclusions

As much as I want to be optimistic, I find little hope for our future. In a way, I wish I could be like the positives, existing in a naive but happy dreamland, awaiting the coming of the benevolent ones who will surround us all in love, care, and protection. The positives’ beliefs, shrouded in their own form of spirituality, must be guided by a utopian vision that is lacking in me. The challenge of understanding UFO sightings that occupied so much of my time in the early ’80s is a distant memory. I must go where the evidence leads me. I have come to view alien abductions that have an evil, self-serving purpose for those doing it. I see it as an asteroid zooming toward earth – discovered too late for any intervention. We can track its progress and yet we cannot prevent the collision. All the evidence seems to suggest that integration into human society is the aliens’ ultimate goal, and all their efforts and activities, unfortunately, appear to be geared toward complete control of the humans on earth. It is now possible to discern at least four specific programs that the aliens have put into effect to achieve their goal…

1. The Abduction Program

The aliens initially selected human victims around the world and instituted procedures to track through implants these humans and their progeny in their environments without detection. Witnesses to abductions as well as victims rarely, if ever, talk about their experiences. The government has seen to it that they are ridiculed for any reports of that nature or seeing UFOs.

2. The Breeding Program

The aliens collect human eggs and sperm, genetically alter the fertilized embryo, incubate fetuses in human hosts, and make humans mentally and physically interact with the offspring for proper hybrid development.

3. The Hybridization Program

The aliens refine the hybrids by continual alteration and breeding with humans over generations in order to be more human while retaining crucial alien characteristics and loyalty. Perhaps humans are also altered over time and acquire alien characteristics. This alteration is necessary to interface and communicate with aliens.

4. The Integration Program

The aliens prepare the abductees for future events. In many cases, they show the abductee scenes of global disasters, including the results of wars and dire, severe weather changes. A warning sometimes follows that predicts that if we don’t change our ways, this is the future we have to look forward to. Eventually, the hybrids or the aliens themselves integrate into human society and will gradually take over the world.

5. The Future

Some aliens have produced hybrids that look exactly like humans, and I feel that they are, even now, possibly involved with levels of our government. They have the ability to control the perception of humans and can make themselves appear to be world leaders, policemen, firemen, doctors, and any other human that they want to represent in order to maintain psychological and mental control. It would seem that these aliens will undoubtedly want to thin out the world’s population. This could be done in many ways. I feel that a pandemic effecting certain nationalities and/or races may be a way of thinning out the human population. It has been claimed by an alien that the world is overpopulated by forty percent. When the hybrids are let loose on society and their superior intelligence is known, the only jobs left for humans will be as physical workers in slave positions, some males and females for sexual purposes, and a few unfortunately used as food supply. The Rigelians in particular need to absorb human blood, enzymes, and other bodily fluids to survive. Cattle have been used in emergencies whenever human food sources are not readily available.

6. What Can Be Done

The secrecy surrounding the abduction phenomenon shows that the aliens have instituted an elaborate effort to prevent their true goals from becoming known. If detection, therefore, may be a weakness for them, we might still have the opportunity to intervene. Yet so far, all our attempts at intervention and prevention have been ineffective. The government has been complicit, amazingly so, in keeping this entire subject hidden. People have been murdered to prevent it coming out. Another one of the aliens’ weaknesses could be the fact that those same Rigelians have a hard time making sudden decisions. It appears that they need a higher form of authority to make any decision; this may work in our favor. Short of that, we likely cannot count on our military to be there for us “when the fecal matter hits the oscillating device” and there is disclosure. If there is any idea that weapons provided us by the aliens could be used against them, I think we need to take a deeper look at that. These aliens are too smart to give our military (or any other military) weapons that could be used against them. They have shown that they can completely control our nuclear weapons. There are good aliens out there that don’t want to see us manipulated and taken over, but will they come to our aid? I can only pray that they will, because that is our only hope as I see it.

We now know the alarming dimensions of the alien agenda and its goals. I desperately wish it was not true, but if you have information that suggests otherwise, I would be happy to hear from you. Stan Romanek, in his book “The Orion Regressions”, offers some suggestions of hope, but we know that most of the Gray aliens and Reptilians have a tendency to lie, deceive, and manipulate us for their own gains, so it must be read with an open mind and an understanding of the ET agenda.

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