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Announcing a New Research Project for my 501 c-3 (non-profit) website UFORIEC Research Foundation.
My next research topic is a REAL “whooper” and I need your help. I will be exploring and studying information from those who know they are HYBRIDS and drawing conclusions about their various EXPERIENCES and missions with us and what this implies for the future of humanity and the earth. Details will be e-mailed to you once, you leave a message/comment here, for me. I am also a NDE., OBE. and ADC. researcher and see a possible connection between them. What psychic abilities, if any, do the hybrids have? My friend, Barbara Lamb, has eight that help her with her questions. I would be delighted to have just one. Are you one or do you know one? A questionnaire is designed to determine if you may be a hybrid. It would be so exciting to discuss and share these topics and thoughts with my truth-seeking friends… like you!!!!  I will publish my findings here as soon as enough data and conclusions are available to do so. If all goes well, and I have the needed help, I will include it in my upcoming book, COSMIC CITIZENS; ARE YOU READY?

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