Unique crop circle showing Gray AND A DIRE WARNING.

It showed a picture of a typical Gray ET. with a warning from a crop circle with a binary coded message. Some ignorant dude hacked it, but I will get it back, along with the photo in a field in the UK. If you have it, please send it to me. Two recent messages have turned up in the UK crops witch say the same warning message about accepting “Trojan Horse” type gifts. In doing so, we will become dependent on this species and give away our control of humanity and the planet. What rights would you surrender to have free energy? Cures for all diseases? World Peace? I would love to hear your opinions. I still maintain that if we prove to the Good ET’s that we can raise our CONSCIOUSNESS to the 4th dimension and rid ourselves of violence, greed, anger, hate and fear, we are worth protecting. Think GOLDEN RULE and then do it!

Ps. I feel that the GOOD guys will not allow us to use missals etc. on each other. They have proven it many times by shutting down our USA missals.  Google if you want all the details, or just wait for it from me at a later time. I refuse to live in fear, it stands in the way of our being free to evolve into a higher frequency…a 4th dimension. Want to join me????

In the light of love,


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