What Role Will Extraterrestrials Play In Humanity’s Future? — Other Possible Advantages

We cannot at present be certain about the particular capacities of highly advanced civilizations in the Galaxy.  We can, however, make some thoughtful guesses based on established human knowledge (such as history and futures studies) combined with intelligent speculation.

Our own progress in several areas of life has been very dramatic over the past 10,000 years.  If we survive another 10,000 years, it is highly likely that we will again make dramatic progress in several areas.  When we turn our attention to other civilizations that are 10,000 or perhaps even a million years older than we are, there can be little doubt that some of them will be far beyond us in their biological, mental, technological, psychic, communication, or travel capacities.

Also, because they originated in bodies, physical environments, and social environments that are likely different from ours, their patterns of perceiving, thinking, and relating may be vastly different from ours.

It is highly likely, therefore, that many of the capacities in the following list have already been developed by one advanced civilization or another in our Galaxy.  It is unlikely that any one civilization will have all of the listed capacities;   it is quite probable, though, that each of these capacities (with one or two exceptions) now exists somewhere in our Galaxy.

We ourselves will probably possess many of these capacities someday if we continue to develop for another 10,000 or 1,000,000 years.

Probable capacities in one civilization or another include the following:

  • medical panacea — cure for all disease, increased life spans
  • virtually unlimited energy (solar, nuclear, etc.)
  • technology and know-how that are so advanced that they would appear to us as miraculous
  • enormously evolved individual brainpower linked with an implanted twentieth-generation computer
  • the capacity to live and travel anywhere in space, probably approaching and perhaps surpassing the speed of light
  • elimination of individual and collective behavior that is violent, destructive, or harmful
  • loving cooperation, altruism, and compassion combined with sensible public decision-making
  • individual self-understanding, self-acceptance, and mental health that are very high, along with the skill of relating effectively and harmoniously with members of one’s own species
  • excellent skill (at least among the members of specially trained intercultural teams) at interacting with vastly different species and cultures
  • knowledge and wisdom unimaginable to us
  • excellent control over biological reproduction and evolution, including very healthy long-lived bodies and super-capacity brains
  • the technological and/or psychic ability to to send information, receive information, detect, and observe across vast distances at the speed of light or even faster
  • the technological/psychic ability to covertly influence an individual’s thoughts, images, motives, and experiences
  • the technological/psychic ability to influence virtually any object, and to transfer one’s body or consciousness instantly from one place to another
  • organic or psychic connections to other members of the species, or to a central organism or brain
  • extremely rapid, accurate, versatile, and powerful weapons

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